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Add a Vehicle with Pixel Guru

Thanks to Pixel Guru, you can add a new vehicle in minutes. It’s easy : all you have to do is take a picture. We will take care of the rest. Photo touch ups, marketing banners, keywords and search engine visibility... We do it all!

Step 1 :
Add a vehicle

Open the Pixel Guru app on your mobile device and click on “Add an item”.

Step 2 :
Choose a marketing banner

Select the marketing banner you want to add to your picture and attract more online attention. Showcase your vehicle with banners such “USED VEHICLE”, “CERTIFIED VEHICLE”, “DEMO”, “BRAND NEW”, etc.

Step 3 :
Select a type of vehicle

Choose the type of vehicle: sedan, SUV, convertible, moto, ATV, etc. This step will help the app select the right mode for the photoshoot.

Step 4 :
Specify vehicle details

Insert your vehicle’s stock number or ID. Add details such as brand, model and year of the vehicle. This extra info will help us customize your pictures and boost search engine potential.

Step 5 :
Specify color of the vehicle

Add the vehicle’s color and get better SEO visibility for a quick sale. Some online buyers have very specific preferences. Put all the chances on your side by providing extra details and get more views.

Step 6 :
Add features

Choose up to 4 features per vehicle and attract more client attention. Add icons to showcase the panoramic roof, heated stirring wheel or navigation system and get more clicks. The icons will appear on the final photos.

Step 7 :
Take a photo

Follow the instructions on your device, which will switch to camera mode. Our intuitive app makes taking pictures easy by giving you a step-by-step guide to the perfect shot. At this stage, your marketing banner will appear live on the screen. If you want to take another photo, select “Free Mode” and start over. If you want to keep the photo, continue to next step.

Step 8 :
Send us your photo

Once you have your perfect shots, click on “Send for editing”. Your pictures will be forwarded to our graphics experts for touching up and optimizing. Within the next 60 minutes, you will receive professional-quality pictures ready for posting!

Step 9 :
We give your photo a boost

Our graphics team treats your photos and adjust contrast, colors, brightness, etc. We add your personalized marketing banner and insert keywords in the photo’s source file to boost search engine referencing.

Step 10 :
Get your vehicles posted online

Once the pictures are ready, we restore them to your inventory management system. You can also choose to receive them by email or get them posted to your favorite social media. Thanks to Pixel Guru, selling cars is a breeze.