Pixel FAQ

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  • ANSWER 01

    How many users from the same dealership do you allow ?

    The number of users is unlimited ! This way, all your employees can use our platform without restrictions.

  • ANSWER 02

    How does billing work ?

    At the beginning of each month, your credit card is charged automatically. The amount is established according to your use of our platform during the previous month. You also receive detailed account of your activities on the platform. You can even see all charges for each of your vehicles.

  • ANSWER 03

    Can I link a Facebook page to my PixelGuru dashboard ?

    Yes, you can add your dealership’s Facebook page to your Pixel Guru dashboard. This feature makes sharing your snapshots on social media so much easier !

  • ANSWER 04

    Can I use Pixel Guru as I seem fit ?

    Absolutely. You can add, modify, and delete advertising strips from your pictures.You can also take advantage of our online platform. You may choose to discontinue your use of Pixel Guru any time. No extra fees will apply.

  • ANSWER 05

    What format will my pictures be in ?

    You get your touched-up pictures as high-resolution JPEG files. Within one hour after you send us your snapshots, you will find them ready to use in your inbox. You may also choose to retrieve them in your stock managing system. The snapshots remain accessible on your online Pixel Guru dashboard for up to 12 months.

  • ANSWER 06

    What is Pixel Guru ?

    We are a tech company that develops apps and tools for professional car photography and online sale of vehicles. Our innovative products are created specifically for dealerships and bring the latest technological advancements within reach. Thanks to our power team, we are on top of new developments and challenges in the car sale industry.

  • ANSWER 07

    When was Pixel Guru launched ?

    Pixel Guru’s mobile app was officially launched in 2017 after one year of development and perfecting. Our app is a first on the market and has since facilitated the online launch of thousands of new and pre-used vehicle. Just a couple years later,Pixel Guru is used and recommended by over 130 dealers in Quebec, Ontario and evenEurope !

  • ANSWER 08

    Who can use Pixel Guru ?

    Pixel Guru can be used by any car dealership and their staff. No need to be a professional photographer to get top-quality snapshots. In fact, our app automatically guides you to allow for the best shots. Framing, image sequencing, angles… Our latest technology takes everything into account ! Moreover, your dealership can build its own personalized guide tailored to your preferences and standards. This way, even new employees can take quality pics that correspond to your high standards. No training required !